Lily Rong Cong's

perfect little world

December 24, 2004

I've updated the Association section of Links and added an album from the trip to Hamilton yesterday. I've also slightly modified, i.e. pinkified, the font colour of all the pages.

December 20, 2004

Before a corporate finance exam, in the professor's office...

Professor: You guys are pretty good at following current events; I think you'll be fine for this midterm.

Lily: [feeling rather humiliated] Not me... I'm not a businessperson... I'm a poet, dreaming in my humble shack and waiting for an angel to come down to touch my shoulder and give me the power to love again...

Professor: [jaw dropped]

December 20, 2004

The birth of a website...

The creation of this website is attributable to two things:

1. lots of free time in the fall term of 2004 (October to December)

2. the desire to share my "perfect little world" with others

So here it is. A website is born after feverishly working on it for two weekends, accidentally deleting some program files and consequently losing virtually all the work, getting irritated and frustrated by the idea of personal website, and started from scratch a month later due to the two things listed above. Official birth date of this site is December 20, 2004 AC.

About the background choice...

On an October afternoon back from school, I noticed that Adam's neighbour painted their fence green. Not a uniform green, but much like an oil paint I liked it immediately. Having just heard about my idea of putting up a website, he recommended the colour of the fence as the background colour for my website. It looks good for now, but I still might change it sometime - who knows what's going to happen after I see someone's newly painted garage door someday?

About the language used...

Much thought was given to having two versions (English and Chinese) of the same content for this website. But after trying a number of different things, the not_so_techy me was forced to drop the idea. Some pages have links to the corresponding Chinese page though, for those who are interested.