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Confirmation interjections

Learning Norwegian in the last while, my interest in languages has been re-ignited. Among other things, I’m been noticing the small words, or maybe non-word sounds in the three different languages – Chinese, English and Norwegian. One of them is confirmation interjection (I’m actually not sure if that’s what they are called), that is, the sound people make when they confirm something someone else said, instead of saying “Yes” or “I agree”. I would love to learn about variations in other languages; send them to me or teach me how to say it so I can add them to the list!

Here are the confirmation interjections in the three languages I know (click to hear them):
Chinese (Mandarin)
English (North American)
German (no weak confirmation interjections similar to the ones above – Thanks, Sophie)

lily in Languages on July 03 2011 » 0 comments
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