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The book I was looking for

I think I have come across a book closest to what I have been looking for: To find a well-written book about an average person or an underprivileged person’s own life in a tumultuous society (see my earlier post Looking for a book). It’s called Illegally Norwegian (original title is “Ulovlig norsk”), written by Maria Amelie.

The book tells the author’s own story about being an illegal resident in Norway. Although the society is not “tumultuous”, her own life is full of fear and uncertainty. At age 16, she fled from Russia first to Finland, then to Norway with her parents, seeking asylum. After their application for refugee status was turned down several times, they decided to go into hiding and keep staying in Norway, and thus risking being deported at any moment. Even without ever knowing what is going to happen tomorrow, the author finished high school, went to university, and got a master’s degree in science and technology. She tells the ruthlessness of the legal system that does not treat her as a human being, and the kindness of people that give her hope for the future.

The book is written in Norwegian (book language, or Bokmål in Norwegian) and does not appear to have been translated to any other language.

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