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Summer in Norway

An old Chinese adage says: Viewing the scenery is not as good as hearing about it. Before I went to Norway this summer, I had set my expectation fairly high despite of my knowledge of the adage.  But it was a completely different matter seeing it in person. Since I have procrastinated for so long in making a post, I shall make a concise summary of the six and a half weeks I was in Norway, with a lot of pictures to entertain you.

Week 0: Orienting to the continental Europe timezone.

From the top of a hill, seeing the village where Geir’s family lives in and where I will be staying for the next six weeks.

An artistically wrecked bridge near the University of Oslo, where I would be studying Norwegian for the next six weeks. Norwegian is one of the many subjects offered at the International Summer School (ISS).

Vigeland Park, one of the attractions in the Oslo sightseeing tour organized by the ISS.

Some of the statues at Vigeland Park.

Going up the rooftop of the Oslo Opera House.

The Opera House against the sea.

Week 1: The first glimpse of Norway.

One of my first sessions at the Elementary Norwegian course.

Norwegian folk dance performance in front of the student dormitory.

At a lake by the Royal Prince’s cabin.

Week 2: Routine established: Study on weekdays, other things on weekends, unless falling behind in class was acceptable.

Travelling to Flåm on the weekend. On the way there, the train stops at Finse, the highest point in the Norwegian railway system, at 1222m above sea level.

Nearing Flåm in western Norway. A little village in the same valley as Flåm.

Kjosfossen, the most famous site near Flåm.

Down at the fjord.

Week 3: Routine continued: Travelling to Stockholm on a long weekend.

Visiting Vasa Museum and Vasa, the magnificent ship that sank on its maiden voyage.

The Swedish royal castle. The inside is more breathtaking, but cameras were not allowed.

The world’s narrowest street, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, only 0.9 metres.

Typical Scandinavian architecture.

Stockholm from the sea.

Week 4: More travelling.

At the Folk Museum, visiting the stave church which was built during the viking era and was made entirely of wood.

A typical old Norwegian farmhouse with a grass rooftop, built in the 18th century.

An old shop and traditional Norwegian costumes.

Visiting a bear park, the first stop of an ISS-organized trip to Hallingdal, a valley region northwest of Oslo.

A house from the 13th century in the Hallingdal Folk Museum that survived the black plague in Europe.

Traditional Norwegian interior decoration, Rosemaling.

Sheep on the roadside.

View from the lake near the lodge where we stayed overnight.

Boarding an old steam engine train, Krøderbanen.

Week 5: Exam preparation and International Cultural Evening

Stands – India and Indonesia.

Pakistan, the Philippines, and Poland.

African students’ group dance.

Week 6: Final exam and farewell

Dinner at Faysal’s

Norwegian Level I, Section B

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