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Another year wasted

When the sky was suddenly lit by fireworks from all directions, I exclaimed, “Another year wasted!” It was not only me, but surely many others and all of us collectively: The Copenhagen conference yielded no real results; in the two countries which I call home, one is still using more and cheaper energy to extract less but more expensive energy from the dirty tar sands at the expense of deformed fish and cancer-ridden villages and another continues to punish severely for “crimethink”.

But I’ve got to be better than those politicians. So I looked back more closely. Although there were no impressive accomplishments, I did seem to have made some progress towards obtaining more joy and freedom for myself and others:

1. Spent six weeks of vacation with mother. Strengthened individual body, soul, and relationship contributed directly to a better society.

2. Committed to promoting proportional representation in the province of British Columbia. Proportional representation is a electoral system that results in more democratic election results than the current system of first-past-the-post used in federal and provincial elections throughout Canada.

3. Obtained Chartered Accountant designation. My service to the public accounting industry ceased to be a commitment.

4. Started purchasing some food from a local food supplier. My goal in the next two years is to buy 90% of food from local sources (within a 150km range), grow some food myself, and thus reduce the pollution and slavery created by the global food system (see more in the movie Food Inc.; although focusing on USA, it’s a good representation of the food system in most developed nations).

5. Biked or used public transportation 95% of the time while travelling for less than 10km.

And with that, I have no more regret.

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