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Monthly Archive for May 2011

I’m lucky

I saw someone today and realized how lucky I am.

It was at the ceremony for the Abel Prize (a prestigious annual prize awarded to an internationally renowned mathematician by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters). There he performed one of his most common job tasks.

When everyone was seated and the door was closed, the door opened again and he came in. Everyone stood up. After he sat down, everyone sat down again. After some speeches and some music, he went up the stage, gave the prize to the laureate and said “Congratulations”. Then there were more speeches and more music. The ceremony ended half an hour after he came in. He stood up, everyone stood up, he exited the hall, everyone followed.

Since he was born, his destiny was determined. He could not choose a career he desired and could not freely express his opinion. He attends ceremonies, shakes hands and says “Congratulations”. He may be one of today’s typical workers – he has to do a job that he does not particularly enjoy; but his situation is worse than the others – he can’t decide to quit.

He is the King of Norway.

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A very Norwegian Easter

Geir’s grandma’s cabin, built in the traditional Norwegian style with grass rooftop. Many farmhouses have grass rooftops where goats graze in the summer.

Skiing on the mountain – a typical Easter activity in Norway.

All around us, it was just endless mountaintops and silence.

Resting with the family by a “sunwall” (a literally translated Norwegian word, meaning “the one outer wall with direct sunlight on it”).

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