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Monthly Archive for January 2010

It’s a good home

With fresh snow on the ground, we went up the hill in Geir’s hometown in Norway.






As we came down the hill, something Marcus Aurelius said in the movie Gladiator seemed to be more appropriate to say than anything else, “It’s a good home, worth fighting for.”

lily in Photography,Travel on January 02 2010 » 1 comment

Another year wasted

When the sky was suddenly lit by fireworks from all directions, I exclaimed, “Another year wasted!” It was not only me, but surely many others and all of us collectively: The Copenhagen conference yielded no real results; in the two countries which I call home, one is still using more and cheaper energy to extract less but more expensive energy from the dirty tar sands at the expense of deformed fish and cancer-ridden villages and another continues to punish severely for “crimethink”.

But I’ve got to be better than those politicians. So I looked back more closely. Although there were no impressive accomplishments, I did seem to have made some progress towards obtaining more joy and freedom for myself and others:

1. Spent six weeks of vacation with mother. Strengthened individual body, soul, and relationship contributed directly to a better society.

2. Committed to promoting proportional representation in the province of British Columbia. Proportional representation is a electoral system that results in more democratic election results than the current system of first-past-the-post used in federal and provincial elections throughout Canada.

3. Obtained Chartered Accountant designation. My service to the public accounting industry ceased to be a commitment.

4. Started purchasing some food from a local food supplier. My goal in the next two years is to buy 90% of food from local sources (within a 150km range), grow some food myself, and thus reduce the pollution and slavery created by the global food system (see more in the movie Food Inc.; although focusing on USA, it’s a good representation of the food system in most developed nations).

5. Biked or used public transportation 95% of the time while travelling for less than 10km.

And with that, I have no more regret.

lily in Thoughts on January 01 2010 » 1 comment