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Crazy lilies

lily in Home on April 04 2012 » 0 comments

Uphill, fish bone style

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Norwegian autumn

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Sunset in the woods

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Ski trip, sunrise

lily in Home on February 06 2011 » 1 comment

Surviving the Norwegian winter

Name: Italian Parsley.

Background: Store bought. Leaves clipped for food and changed pot early December 2010.

Recommended environment: 15C, exposure to sunlight daily, moderate watering daily.

Actual environment: varying between 10-20C, nearly no sun exposure although situated by east facing window, moderate water around once every three days as water is absorbed very slowly.

Current status: Surviving, far from thriving.

lily in Home on December 26 2010 » 1 comment

Such is the building I live in

A white façade with sections of red bricks. Trees and flowers decorate the public areas. A pavilion nestles among the buildings. Corridors cleaned weekly. Quiet and friendly neighbours.

Such is how I had always boasted about the apartment building I live in. Until this morning the property manager posted a notice on every tenant’s door, I had not known the danger of my surroundings.

“We have received a number of complaints regarding odours (such as cigarette smoke, smoke from illegal substances, cooking odours and pet odours) coming out of the apartments and entering into the corridors. …we … discovered that there were many smells in the corridors … especially … the smoke of illegal substances …”

lily in Home on April 24 2010 » 0 comments

I can take care of a life too!

November 2009: LRC takes possession of the plant with approximately ten flowers.
January 2010: Flowers wither.
November 2009 – present: LRC painstakingly nurtures the plant.
March 2010: The plant starts to bloom.

lily in Home on March 24 2010 » 0 comments